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Coastal missile system "Bastion" - what is it and why is it dangerous

"Bastion" - Russian coastal missilecomplex, which is designed to launch anti-ship missiles P-800 "Onyx" (their export name is "Yakhont"). The complex is capable of hitting surface ships, ship and aircraft carrier groups, convoys, etc. In addition, due to its high accuracy and a number of other technical features, it is effective against ground targets. In fact, this is a universal weapon. This year, it is planned to re-equip the Bastion missile systems with Zircon hypersonic missiles, as a result of which its capabilities will be significantly expanded, as well as its efficiency will increase. We propose further to understand in more detail what this weapon is, what characteristics it has, and what potential it has.

Russian coastal missile system "Bastion"

Complex "Bastion" - characteristics and features

The Bastion complex is produced by the military-industrial complex NPOmechanical engineering”. The weapon was put into service in 2010. However, for the first time the public saw him on May 9, 2014 in Rostov-on-Don during the victory parade. In the same year, it became known that coastal missile systems were deployed on the Crimean coast.

The main purpose of the Bastion complex is to protect the coast with a length of 600 km. In the event of an attack, he must prevent enemy landing operations.

Rocket launch from the mobile missile system "Bastion"

It should be noted that the Bastion missile systemIt is produced in two versions - "Bastion-P" (mobile version based on the MZKT-7930 chassis), as well as "Bastion-S" (stationary version). The mobile version has high maneuverability, in addition, it provides covert combat use.

The first case of combat use of missilecomplex "Bastion" took place in the fall of 2016. Then the Onyx missiles were launched at ground targets in Syria. Also, "Bastion" is used during the hostilities in Ukraine, as the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced on March 19, 2022.

Supersonic rocket "Onyx"

Onyx is a supersonicuniversal medium-range missile. Development began in the early 70s of the last century. The missile was originally conceived as a universal missile that could be deployed on surface ships, aircraft and submarines. Of course, it can also be launched from coastal launchers.

The maximum rocket speed is 884 m/s,or 3182 km/h. The range of the missile is 300 km, but the upgraded version, Oniks-M, is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 800 km. The flight altitude on the march section reaches 14,000 meters. Deployment time is only 5 minutes. A full salvo implies the launch of 12 missiles at once on 6 launchers.

I must say that there is no information about this rocketso much. However, some data is shared by the military itself. For example, retired Rear Admiral Valery Seregin said that the use of these missiles is justified when it is necessary to hit a target protected by air defense systems.

Supersonic universal rocket "Onyx" (Yakhont)

According to him, the feature of the Onyx rocketlies in the fact that it is able to “crack” electronic protection. That is, it is practically not vulnerable to such means of protection. Thanks to this, it is capable of hitting modern ships with powerful electronic warfare stations.

According to a military expert, doctor of military sciencesKonstantin Sivkov, "Onyx" has some interesting technological features. It has the possibility of over-the-horizon firing and full autonomy of combat use. That is, it works on the principle of “shot and forget”. In addition, the rocket is highly accurate. But, of course, this is not a hypersonic missile, and it is still vulnerable to air defense systems, which shows its use in the course of hostilities.

Hypersonic missile "Zircon" will be able to hit targets at a distance of up to 1700 km

Missile complex "Bastion with hypersonic missiles" Zircon "

According to military experts, one offeatures of the complex "Bastion" - the possibility of its modernization. It is expected that the missile systems will soon be armed with Zircon missiles. What does it mean? In this case, the firing range will increase to 1700 km. In addition, Zircon, like other hypersonic missiles, is practically not vulnerable to air defense systems.

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According to Konstantin Sivkov, modernizedthere may be Onyx missiles, as they have great potential for this. In his opinion, the homing head is the first to be improved. It can be made more
noise-proof, which will increase the efficiency of the complex.

Finally, we recall that missile systems"Bastion" together with other weapons form the so-called "no access zone", which does not give NATO the opportunity to enter this territory without taking serious damage. This system also includes the Iskander complexes, which we talked about earlier.