Cloud reinstallation of Windows 10 operating system became available

Developers of modern operating systemsconstantly improve the process of installing or reinstalling the OS, making them affordable and comfortable for ordinary users. Microsoft has taken the next step towards consumers. With the new build of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18970, reinstalling the Windows operating system is available directly from the cloud.

With Build 18970 Released for Windows 10It has become much easier and easier to reinstall the OS on computers or laptops. The computer owner does not need to store a local copy of the operating system on external drives. Using an Internet connection, reinstallation can be performed over the network.

Microsoft said that this feature is being introduced at the request of users who would like to use a high-speed Internet connection and simply download Windows.

Owners of computers and laptops who wishapply a new function, you should remember two features of the process of reinstalling Windows 10 from the cloud. All user applications will be automatically deleted. But the loss of personal data and files will occur if the checkmark opposite the “Delete all” option is not removed.

Also remember that to boot Windows 10 fromthe clouds will have to download more than 2.86 GB of installation files, which requires a reliable, high-speed connection. After downloading the necessary files, the existing build and version of Windows will be installed.

Currently, such a service is only supported in the Insider Preview version, and for the user version, the reinstallation function from the cloud will become available in the near future.

Source: Microsoft