Cloud gaming service Google Stadia starts in the fall (2 photos + video)

With the launch on November 14, the cloud service for gamesGoogle’s users have the opportunity to play the most advanced games on any screens without the use of expensive computer equipment.

The client should simply run on its owncomputer through the site Stadia in Chrome browser service Google Stadia. In the case of a game through the TV, the user must connect by connecting Google Chromecast Ultra. For mobile devices, there is also a special application, Stadia, but for the first time only support is available for Google Pixel 3 smartphones.

Developers offer a very flexible system.payment from Stadia Base (1080p and stereo) offering billing for individual games, up to the Stadia Pro tariff (4K games with 5.1-channel sound), which for $ 10 per month opens up the possibility to select games.

In any case, even at a rate of $ 10 perOne month to work with Google Stadia is cheaper than building your own PC. For example, a computer for working with 4K content costs about $ 1,000, which is equivalent to 8 years of using the Stadia Pro. However, during this time, the PC will become obsolete and worn out and will not be able to serve the latest games. At the same time, Google Stadia will be continuously improved and updated.

To work with the service Google created specialStadia Founder’s Edition device kits, for which Google costs $ 129 in advance. However, the company states that special equipment is not required to work with the Stadia service. The main requirement for ensuring a comfortable game on the service is a fairly high speed Internet connection: from 10 10 Mbit / s for 720p / 60 FPS games with stereo sound, up to 35 Mbit / s for 4K HDR / 60 FPS / 5.1 channel sound.

At first, Google Stadia will be available to users from a limited number of countries, but in 2020 the list of countries will be expanded and Russia may be included.

The first for the players will be available such games as:
- Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,
- Baldur’s Gate 3,
- Darksiders Genesis,
- Destiny 2,
- DOOM Eternal,
- Final Fantasy XV,
- GRID, Metro Exodus,
- Mortal Kombat 11,
- NBA 2K,
- Rage 2,
- The Crew 2,
- The Elder Scrolls Online,
- Tomb Raider Trilogy.