Class action lawsuit filed against Apple over iPad Mini 'jelly screen' (2 pics)

Just a few days after the start of salesApple's new 6th generation iPad Mini had an unrecoverable issue with its standard 500-nit Liquid Retina display when entering portrait mode. Many users complained that in this mode there was a “jelly screen” effect. Now Colorado resident Christopher Bryan has led a class-action lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of fraudulently marketing devices bearing the defect.

The disadvantage is manifested in different speedscrolling the image in separate areas of the display. In this case, the image fluctuates, which leads not only to a decrease in comfort during operation, but also may damage the user's vision.

There is a difference in image scrolling speedwhen running in portrait mode on 6th generation iPad Mini devices has been confirmed by Apple. However, the developers stated that this is a standard effect for liquid crystal screens in which progressive image updating works.

iFixit Repair Service Specialistsspeculated that the "jelly screen" effect common to conventional screens could be enhanced in the 6th generation iPad Mini by the fact that the display controller board is positioned vertically rather than horizontally as in previous Apple tablets.
A class action lawsuit was filed in the Northern District Court.California and contains claims for damages to users who purchase the iPad Mini 6th generation, despite the fact that Apple has already been notified that there is an unrecoverable screen problem.

Source: macrumors