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Cigarette smoke affects mental health.

Modern man has long been aware ofthe effects of tobacco smoke on the vital systems of the body. Thus, the World Health Organization officially confirms the death of 50 percent of tobacco users. Often, the use of tobacco products causes the main harm to the organs of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but now scientists have discovered yet another harmful effect of cigarette smoke. It turns out that regular smoking noticeably affects the psychological and mental health of a person.

Smoking causes lung cancer, heart and vascular disease, and mental health.

Is cigarette smoke harmful?

According to official statistics, from regularExposure to tobacco smoke kills about 8 million people a year. Unfortunately, not only active smokers are exposed to the harmful effects of smoking, as the people around them are also at risk. According to an article published on, scientists from the Hebrew University found a direct link between smoking and human mental health.

To prove this connection, a team of scientistsconducted a series of studies in which more than 2,000 students who studied in different socio-political and economic conditions were interviewed. When summing up the results of the experiment, scientists found certain similarities and characteristics of smoking students. It turned out that clinical depression rates were two to three times higher in smoking students than in their non-smoking peers.

Smokers showed higher rates of depressive disorders

What happens if you breathe cigarette smoke?

Experts also found that regardless ofeconomic or socio-political situation, smoking students showed higher rates of depressive symptoms and significantly lower mental health indicators compared to non-smoking students. Under mental health indicators, special attention was paid to the viability of the individual and the possibility of normal social functioning in society. Despite the fact that at the moment it is still necessary to conduct a number of additional studies, experts are convinced that smoking and depression are closely related.

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Currently, a number of countries have introduced bans andrestrictions on tobacco marketing. For example, in Bhutan, a complete ban on tobacco use has been introduced throughout the country, which currently makes this state the only one among all countries restricting tobacco use. Other measures have been taken by Japan and Sweden, which encourage non-smokers, and while in Sweden scholarships are paid to students, some companies in Japan pay bonuses to their non-smokers. In Russia, after the adoption of the anti-tobacco law, according to information provided by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the number of smokers decreased by 17%.

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