Chrome browser gets built-in ad blocker

Internet advertising is becoming a necessary evil,and users want to protect themselves as much as possible from intrusive offers on the network. However, Google receives the lion's share of its revenue from the sale of ads distributed to customers of the search giant. A new initiative by Chromium developers to create an ad blocker for the Chrome browser (and, possibly, Chromium-based Edge) will be designed to provide comfortable work for customers, and at the same time prevent users from trying to block absolutely all advertising content.

Helping customers block intrusive ads inDifferent browsers are implemented differently. So Mozilla and Brave integrate their own ad blockers into browsers, and Chrome users can install the uBlock Origin, Ghostery and AdBlock Plus extensions.

Ad blockers can help protectuser privacy, improve performance when surfing websites and improve Internet browsing. Therefore, Google is meeting its customers and plans to offer selective blocking of the most resource-intensive advertisements. However, lighter ads that comply with Better Ads standards will be broadcast unhindered. For customers who wish to minimize the presence of advertising, the opportunity remains to use existing applications.

The newly created blocker will implementselective blocking of ads consuming a lot of computer resources. Chrome’s hidden settings currently use the Heavy Ad Intervention and Disable heavy ad privacy mitigations options. In this case, Heavy Ad Intervention activates the function, and Disable heavy ad privacy mitigations disables the blocker’s privacy protections for debugging. These options prevent advertisers from transmitting sensitive user data. The feature is available in Chrome Canary, and for most users it will appear when you enter Chrome 80.

Source: tomshardware