Chinese scientists will teach the dumb to speak (3 photos)

In the world, the number of people who can not talkthe population of Russia is almost three times larger, reaching 466 million people. The main reason for dumbness is deafness, when the child does not hear the speech of people around him and is not able to learn to speak.

However, there is a fairly large groupdumb who do not speak due to damage to the vocal cords. Some of these patients can be helped by the inventions of Chinese scientists called Wearable Artificial Graphene Throat (WAGT), which translates as “wearable artificial graphene larynx”.

Man’s ability to speakthanks to the larynx, a special organ of the respiratory system, in which the vocal cords oscillate and vibrate, making sounds that transform into human speech. Violation of the larynx does not allow the patient to create and control sound waves and as a result, a person loses the opportunity to talk.

The new invention of Chinese scientists will come tothe replacement of modern voice-forming devices that have large sizes and generate speech similar to the speech of robots. The graphene layer using a laser is applied to a thin sticker of a small size (15 × 30 mm). This label is then attached to the patient’s neck.

The device "reads" the movement of the larynx evenimpaired health of the vocal cords. This data is sent to a bracelet with a built-in voice generator and a speaker for speech reproduction. The connection between the sticker and the bracelet is made using wires.

A new device allows you to say a fewwords, but it is already obvious that it is more convenient to use than modern voice-forming instruments. However, the speech generated by the bracelet is still too much like machine speech.