Chinese school students are required to wear special headbands to monitor their attention.

The Chinese education system is becomingtougher. Last year, classes of some schools of the Middle Kingdom equipped with facial recognition systems in order to follow the pupils in the classroom - whether they concentrate on the lessons or do not quite what they should have done. The experiment showed a positive result. Knowing that they were being watched, the students really began to behave more attentively in class and listen to the teacher, and not, for example, to draw in books. This year, the leadership of several Chinese schools went even further.

It obliged its students to wear special “bandages”, with the help of which the student’s brain activity is monitored and it is determined whether the student is focused on the lesson, reports The Next Web.

The bandage itself, resembling rather a hair bandand dubbed Focus 1, was developed by the American company BrainCo Inc. from Boston in collaboration with scientists from the Harvard Center for Cognitive Psychology about two years ago.

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It uses compact EEG sensors,whether the student listens carefully to the teacher or hovers somewhere in the clouds. The collected information is immediately transferred to the teacher’s computer in real time.

On this at BrainCo Inc. they did not stop and created in addition to the dressing a special system that constitutes a kind of leaderboard, into which the most attentive students fall.

At the end of the class, the system identifies the three most attentive students.

Why all this? According to The Next Web, this approach allows teachers to develop a more effective and interesting approach to learning. For example, if a teacher notices that certain students in a classroom often lose concentration in a lesson, then he can either rework his teaching plan or offer these students individual lessons.

However, such a hard high-techcontrol over the activities of students can be the reverse side of the coin. According to The Next Web, such measures will only increase students' stress levels. Wouldn't it be better to use a more personalized approach in teaching children, for example, reducing classes, reducing the number of students in them?

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