Chinese robot doing a back flip. How do you like it, Boston Dynamics?

Do you still remember robots from an American companyBoston Dynamics? Recently, almost nothing has been heard about them, but literally a couple of years ago we all admired their acrobatic stunts and joked about the uprising of cars. Perhaps someday the company will still surprise us, but for now, you should pay attention to the works of the Chinese company Unitree Robotics. In May 2019, she showed the world the four-legged robot AlienGo, which is very similar to the American SpotMini. It turned out that the Chinese copy has more flexibility and is able to perform such tricks that the robot dog from Boston Dynamics did not even dream of.

First, talk about SpotMini - so whathe can? Boston Dynamics is positioning it as a robot to help on construction sites where it can really come in handy. For example, it can move freely in a room with stairs, carry heavy bags and even tow multi-ton trucks. Also, the robot can be equipped with a mechanical arm, which is able to open doors and raise objects.

Chinese robot doing a backflip

The Chinese AlienGo robot does not have such a hand, butbut he has more than all kinds of sensors and moving elements. Thanks to all this, the robot is able not only to lean forward and backward, but also to tilt and rotate the body. Also, looking at the video, one gets the feeling that it is much lighter than the SpotMini robot. Perhaps it is because of this that he can do a somersault and quickly get up on his feet from a lying position. And in general, the movements of the Chinese robot look smoother, while the American SpotMini moves abruptly.

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It is noteworthy that AlienGo was created based onLaikago Robot. Its 24 kg predecessor was developed by Unitree Robotics in 2017 and was notable for its ability to lift weights up to 7 kilograms. The manufacturer is still improving this robot and at the moment it is called Laikago Pro. Today he is so smart and strong that he can, together with his "relatives" lift a person and pull a heavy car with him. See it for yourself.

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Looking at the capabilities of the AlienGo robot, you canit’s safe to say that the young Unitree Robotics company has every chance of becoming more popular than the Boston Dynamics founded in 1992. Even if Chinese robots cannot continue to amaze with new capabilities, they can attract low-cost buyers. The price of the SpotMini robot from Boston Dynamics is still unknown, but it will obviously be high. Unitree Robotics, in turn, offers to buy the Laikago robot for $ 45,000. It seems that this is a reasonable price for such an assistant, but what do you think? Be sure to write your opinion in our Telegram chat.

By the way, SpotMini has one more competitor - it is a giant robot ANYmal

Mechanical dogs from Unitree Robotics and BostonDynamics look very cool, but they do not carry out the most serious work. If you want to look at truly useful robots, pay attention to the development of the NASA space agency. It recently completed testing of the LEMUR climbing robot, thanks to which it will be possible to search for minerals on Mars.

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