Chinese lunar experiment failed (3 photos)

January 03, 2019 Chinese spacecraft"Chang'e-4" made a successful soft landing on the far side of the moon in the crater Karman. In addition to all sorts of scientific instruments and meters, the robotic kit contained a special airtight container with seeds of plants and insect eggs for an interesting biological experiment - the creation of a closed self-sufficient biosphere under extreme conditions of the Earth satellite. Cotton seeds first sprouted.

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Unfortunately, cotton seed is the only oneof all the participant (there were six of them altogether: cotton, potatoes, rape, yeast, fruit flies, rezuhovidka Tal), who managed to grow on the moon. However, as the researchers reported, the moonlit night turned out to be too aggressive for every “earthly guest”. Cotton sprout died due to the fact that the temperature in the tank dropped to -52 ° C, although the container was supposed to maintain the temperature from 1 ° C to 30 ° C. Thus, the experiment, which lasted a little over 212 hours, was completed. For their part, Chinese experts said that all organisms delivered to Earth’s satellite would slowly decompose only within the sealed container in which they are located, that is, their effect on the lunar environment would be zero.