Chinese expedition approaches Mars and sends first detailed photos of the planet (2 photos)

Mars mission "Tianwen-1", launched inLast July, she continues her journey to the Red Planet and sent the first detailed black-and-white photographs of Mars taken from a distance of only 2.2 million km. Today, the distance between Earth and Mars is 186 million km, and the range of distance between our planets is from 55.76 million km to 401 million km.

For 197 days elapsed from the start date (at the timephotographing), the Tianwen-1 spacecraft has already covered 465 million km and is currently located only 1.1 million km from Mars. In the coming days, approximately on February 10, the interplanetary station will enter the planet's orbit, and in May a descent vehicle with a rover will land on the surface in the southern part of Mars on the Utopia Planicia plain.

Information on obtaining the first detailed imageMars was disseminated by the Chinese National Space Administration, which also announced the fourth correction of the Tianwen 1 station's orbit.

Recall that the American agency NASA sent its expedition to Mars a week after the Chinese, and the landing of the Perseverance rover is scheduled for February 18, 2021.

Source: rbc