Chinese company to mass-produce lidars for Toyota

The Chinese company Sagitar Juchuang announced the receipt of an order for mass production of lidars from FAW

Toyota.The deal is said to be the first to allow a Chinese lidar maker to become a supplier to a major automaker. Prior to this, Chinese lidar manufacturers supplied their solutions to Chinese automakers.

Chinese lidar manufacturers take the leadcompanies in the world in this segment. For example, Hesai Technology ranks first in the world in the field of lidar technology with a 58% share of the global market. Modern lidar technology has a competitor in the face of Tesla, which relies on video cameras and machine learning technologies while completely abandoning lidars. Chinese manufacturers have recently managed to significantly reduce the cost of lidars, but at the same time, it is still dozens of times higher than the cost of cameras. The contract with Toyota will help make lidar the standard equipment of a modern car.