Chinese authorities blame Xiaomi and Tencent for spying on users

Chinese high-tech companies oftenfall into scandals related to the illegal use of personal information of users. However, as it turned out, such suspicions arise not only in the West, but also in China itself, regulators are distrustful of their own companies.

Technology giants Xiaomi and Tencent hit the topthe field of view of the Chinese Ministry of Industry, Information and Technology (MIIT), whose specialists presented a list of 41 applications of suspected violations of national laws regarding the collection and resale of personal data.

Programs belonging to the list are of the most respected technology companies seen in dishonest work with personal data of customers, such as Xiaomi Finance, Tencent QQ (instant messaging service) and QQ Reading (a platform designed for e-books). Other major Chinese companies, such as Sina Corp (the owner of the Weibo social network) and the FlashEX delivery service, were also noted.

Thus, the Chinese authorities show that they will not put up with violation of user privacy, no matter how authoritative the violator of the law would be.

Source: gizchina