Chinese astronauts will compete with Ilon Mask (3 photos)

The tension in the space race is growing. To Ilon Mask and NASA, who announced that they were entering the final stage of preparing the lunar expeditions, China decided to demonstrate its plans for interplanetary flights. Images of the first spacecraft appeared, capable of flying deep space, according to the statement of the PRC. Chinese engineers are preparing for test trials and will soon be able to compete with leading US space companies.

The pictures of the spacecraft were publishedChinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST). The name of the Chinese starship has not yet received. Some technical parameters of SpaceX rival from SpaceX Ilon Mask are known. The ship will consist of two modules: residential - designed for passengers and crew, and service - which will support flight control and ensure the vitality of the astronauts. On board the Chinese apparatus can accommodate from 4 to 6 members of the expedition. The height of the spacecraft designed to study deep space is about 9 meters, and the maximum take-off mass is about 20 tons.

Scale Model Testingthe passenger module, in order to study the possibility of returning to Earth and landing, were carried out in 2016. Testing the ship in an automatic, unmanned mode is scheduled for the first half of 2020. The spacecraft will put into orbit a heavy launch vehicle Long March 5B, designed to launch 20 ton modules.

New ship, thanks to its reusablecan be used to create the Chinese space station, the construction of which is scheduled for 2021, said CAST Vice President Lee Min.

China's first manned moon flightcommit in 2030. To bring the idea to life, Chinese engineers are developing a superheavy reusable rocket carrier Long March 9, whose power is comparable to the Saturn V rocket from NASA.

Source: Space