China's smart prisons will be equipped with robots and artificial intelligence

Hong Kong Correctional Services Seriouslyintends to increase the reliability of its prisons with the help of high technology. According to Commissioner Danny Wu Ying-ming, in the near future, several correctional colonies will be equipped with smart cameras. Also, convicted criminals will be constantly monitored thanks to bracelets that track their location and heart rate. Moreover, special robots will appear in prisons that will do the dirty work in the truest sense of the word.

New technologies will be designed toenhancing the security of both the security officers and the prisoners themselves. At first they will be tested in three correctional facilities. If they prove their effectiveness, “smart” equipment will be distributed to other places of detention. Probably, the authorities want to equip all their prisons with them.

AI cameras plannedset in bathrooms. To ensure confidentiality, some areas of the footage will be blacked out. The system will monitor and detect the "abnormal" behavior of prisoners such as fights and painful attacks.

The bracelets will transmit to the guard information aboutthe location of each offender. They will also monitor their heartbeat and notify employees of health problems. Most likely, this system will help prevent prisoners from escaping, killing and sudden death.

By “robot,” prison representatives meanmechanical hand that will search for smuggled drugs in waste. At the moment, the prison officials themselves have to do this dirty work.

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