China's Metro is testing the fare "face" (4 photos + video)

In the subway of the Chinese city of Shenzhen setexperimental turnstile. To pass through it, you do not need to attach a ticket or an NFC-smartphone with the corresponding application on your smartphone. The metro access control system works only on face recognition technology.

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To pay for travel in this turnstile is not needed.neither QR codes, nor a contactless card. The device identifies the passenger's face with a camera. Then the money is deducted from the account associated with the person. Here you must first save information about yourself, leave a photo of your face and determine your preferred payment method. The system is based on 5G technology. The partner of this project is the Chinese company Huawei.

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Similarly, the recognition function is already functioning.facial system installed in the terminals of the KFC fast food restaurant in China. She has been tested since 2017. The turnstile was installed only in the 5G + AI zone of Futian station in the city of Shenzhen. While innovation is only experimental, but knowing the latest trends in China, we can safely assume that in the near future this practice can be picked up by other regions of the country.