China will complete the construction of "artificial sun" this year

In the Chinese city of Hefei since 2006, isdevelopment of an "artificial sun" to simulate the process of nuclear fusion, with which the present Sun generates energy. To obtain an alternative and limitless source of energy, scientists heat the plasma to record temperatures inside a special chamber called tokamak. In November, the researchers managed to warm up the plasma to a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius, and now it became known that the Chinese "Sun" will be fully completed in 2019.

Tokamak is called EAST, and isa modified version of the experimental device HT-7, tested back in 1994. According to the official of the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation Duan Surah, very soon the device will be able to reach milestones in the ion temperature and its construction can be considered complete. After that, humanity will take one of the biggest steps to transition to an unlimited source of clean energy.

Plasma "artificial sun" will be 7 timeshotter than a real star. If this goal is really achieved, the new device will become a reliable template for creating thermonuclear reactors that will provide our planet with alternative energy. China is ready for much to achieve this goal, and therefore closes its eyes to the fact that supporting a tokamak costs $ 15,000 a day.

Work on creating unlimited or at leastA cheap source of energy goes constantly. In early 2019, the Nobel laureate Arthur Eshkin spoke about his secret source of cheap electricity. You can read about the scientist and his secret project in our material.

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