China will build an orbital solar power plant (3 photos)

Regular energy crises and permanentrising energy prices are forcing the developed countries of the world to actively seek alternative sources of electrical energy. The original solution was proposed by Chinese engineers from the Academy of Space Technologies. It was decided to develop a project of a solar power plant launched into space. In case of successful solution of the task, China will become the first country in the world to receive electricity from the orbit of the Earth.

Solar panels are not uncommon for spacedevices, however, the problem of transporting the generated energy to the Earth while on a practical level, no one was engaged. The project of Chinese developers provides for the removal of a solar power station into an orbit of 36,000 kilometers. At this altitude, the efficiency of the panels of the power plant is maximum: there is no interference for the sun rays from the atmosphere of the Earth, the panels do not depend on the change of weather and the change of day and night, they will always be illuminated by the sun.

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The task has many unresolvedproblems. How to bring such a huge number of components to a geostationary orbit and begin the automatic installation of the power plant? How to transfer the generated energy to consumers on Earth? How to ensure work safety and prevent pollution of near-Earth space?

One of the most relevant options for todayThe solution to the issue of delivery and installation of components is the use of 3-D printing of a thousand-ton design directly in orbit. With the transfer of energy is planned to use microwave and laser transmitters. The question of the influence of such radiation on the planet's ecosphere remains open.

In the test mode, the first small and medium solar power plants will be sent into orbit as early as 2021-2025. The launch of the station with a capacity of several megawatts is planned for 2030.