China tested the world's first unmanned amphibious assault boat

Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group,A member of the Chinese Shipbuilding Corporation, conducted tests of the world's first unmanned amphibious boat using low-incandescent technology and intended for amphibious assault landing on the enemy’s coast. The robotic vessel, called the Marine Lizard (“Sea Lizard”), was built in Wuhan (central Hubei province) and is a 12-meter trimaran equipped with a diesel engine.

As indicated by The Verge, referring to GlobalTimes, the unmanned unobtrusive amphibious boat is capable of reaching speeds of 50 knots in water (92.6 kilometers per hour) and 20 kilometers per hour when traveling overland using four crawler tracks pulled out of the bottom. The maximum range of the sea drone is 1200 km. The armament of the device is represented by two machine guns, as well as a launch system of anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles.

"Sea lizard" can be used as part ofother unmanned systems, cooperating with aerial drones, as well as sea and land combat robotized machines. The amphibian can be controlled by satellite. In addition, it is able to work in a completely autonomous mode, independently planning a route and avoiding obstacles when traveling overland using the BeiDou navigation satellite system located on it.

According to Chinese military experts, thisthe vessel is excellent for offensive operations after artillery and air strikes against a defensive enemy to crush surviving resistance nodes.

Marine Lizard is reportedly able to enterarming parts of the coastal defense, secretly deployed on distant islands and stay there for up to eight months in anticipation of the command to join the battle. The possibility of supplying a Chinese amphibious unmanned boat abroad is not excluded.

Recall that not so long ago it was reported that the Celestial Empire conducted marine tests of a ship equipped with an electromagnetic gun - a railgun.

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