China successfully launched the superheavy rocket "Changzheng-5" (video)

Chinese space program once againset a world record and completed the decade with the successful launch of the Changzheng-5 superheavy rocket into space. This launch was the 34th launch of spacecraft by China over the past year, a record for all space countries for the second year in a row.

Starting on Friday December 27th with one ofislands of Hainan, the rocket is able to bring into low low Earth orbit 25 tons of payload, with its own weight of 867 tons. The height of “Changzheng-5” is 56 meters, and if necessary, the launch of cargo into a high geostationary orbit, the payload will be reduced to 14 tons.

Changzheng-5 launched two years laterafter the failure in the summer of 2017, when the rocket engines of the first stage failed and the entire payload, including the Shijian -18 communications satellite, fell into the ocean. The current launch is carried out with the aim of conducting secret experiments and putting into geosynchronous orbit the latest communications satellite that provides data transfer at a speed of "Shijian 20" up to 1 Tbps.

China's superheavy rocket will providesolving the problem of turning the country into a leading space power. Changzhen class ships are supposed to put into orbit a space station similar to the ISS, send a rover to Mars and a lunar rover to the Moon, and also carry out a number of manned flights. And these are just plans for the next 2020.

Source: aljazeera