China showed the concept of a passenger rocket for regular suborbital flights (5 photos)

During the celebration of National Space Day inIn China, the concept of a suborbital space rocket was presented at the stand of the main state rocket developer - the Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technologies.

The visualization of the project assumes thatthe vehicle is intended for future point-to-point passenger transportation, during which the flight time over a distance of half the world will be no more than one hour.

It is noteworthy that the commercialsubmitted by the Chinese Academy on Weibo, showcases a rocket remarkably similar in design to the SpaceX Starship. The brilliant stainless steel construction, both stages of the ship are made using seamless technology, as well as vertical take-off and landing - all these elements of the Chinese concept were clearly copied from real SpaceX prototypes.

However, not only the design, but the idea itselfregular passenger services on the Earth-to-Earth route were also introduced by SpaceX back in 2017. The commercial released at the time showed a flight from New York to Shanghai in just 39 minutes, with the possibility of delivering cargo anywhere on earth in no more than one hour.

The concept of Chinese scientists is part of the plansChina on the development of global suborbital freight and passenger transport. As early as 2035, China plans to regularly deliver cargo using such suborbital missiles. Passenger traffic will start in 2045.