China published high-quality images of the dark side of the moon (6 photos)

The success of Chinese engineers in the developmentouter space make China one of the leaders in the space race. The implementation of the Chang'e-4 project allowed mankind to “glance” at the far side of the Moon, which is constantly hidden from direct observation from the Earth.

In January 2019, Chang'e-4 lunched on the far side of the moon and delivered the Yutu-2 lunar rover to its surface, intended for a detailed study of the surface of our natural satellite.

Discoveries were made from the very first days: a gel-like substance located near the lunar crater was revealed. However, one of the most accessible and spectacular results of the expedition is the photos taken by the Yutu-2 lunar rover. Celebrating the first anniversary of the operation of spacecraft on the lunar surface, the Chinese Space Agency opened an archive with photographs of the far side of the moon.

At present, about a gigabyte of high-quality photographs, with an image of the surface of the Moon inaccessible to observation from the Earth, has been put on public display.

Complete photo collection: Google.Drive