China opens world's largest telescope Sky Eye for foreign astronomers

Accident and complete destruction of 60 year oldTelescope of the Arecibo Observatory led to serious restrictions in the research of astronomers, deprived of the opportunity to conduct certain scientific research. However, the Chinese science came to the aid of international astronomy, opening this year access for international researchers to the equipment of the largest operating radio telescope with a filled aperture, Sky Eye.

Access to the FAST telescope (Five-hundred-meterAperture Spherical Telescope) or Sky Eye will be open from April 1, 2021. The main function of the Sky Eye telescope with a 500-meter aperture is to study the formation of galaxies, identify pulsars and other objects with high energy.

Sky Eye construction was completed in 2016,and the official launch was carried out on January 11, 2020. However, prior to the current announcement, only Chinese scientists had access to the world's largest radio telescope. According to local journalists, to gain access to China's FAST Observatory, an online application must be submitted to the National Astronomical Observatory of China via the Internet. After checking the data, a schedule for visiting the observatory by foreign scientists will be formed. The first international studies will begin on the Sky Eye as early as August 1 of this year, and up to 10% of the observation time will be allocated to them.

Currently, for a year of official workObservatory Sky Eye, data on 240 pulsars have already been received. The most significant discovery was the discovery of a millisecond pulsar in the Messier 92 star cluster in the constellation Hercules. The pulsar rotates at a gigantic speed of 316.5 revolutions per second, or 18990 rpm, during which there is a periodic ejection or absorption of matter by a companion star.

Source: engadget