China launches production of Polestar 2 electric sedan with 470 km power reserve (5 photos + video)

Chinese industry is gradually returningto normal work after curbing the coronavirus epidemic, the center of which has moved to Europe. Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo and Geely, has not only resumed work on automotive assembly lines, but is also introducing a new model, the Polestar 2 electric sedan. The plant’s assembly facilities are located in Luqiao, Zhejiang Province (Hangzhou's capital).

Photos that appear indicate thatthe company began mass production. The conveyor line with several Polestar 2 cars is visible in the photo. It can also be noted that workers continue to adhere to protective quarantine rules and wear individual medical masks.

Presentation of the Polestar 2 model has been over a yearback in February 2019. The electric car is intended for distribution in the markets of Europe, China and North America. The first electric cars of the second series from Polestar will reach Europe in the summer of this year.

In the first year, the manufacturer promises to releaseall-wheel drive cars with two electric engines with a capacity of 300 kW (408 hp) and a torque of 660 Nm. A single charge of the battery pack with a capacity of 78 kWh is enough to overcome 470 km without recharging through the WLTP cycle.

Polestar 2 sedan uses Android solutionAuto with Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store. The price of a car for buyers from Europe will be 59,900 euros. A year later, Polestar will begin to release a budget model, the price of which will be 39,900 euros.

Currently, Polestar, one ofunits of the Volvo Car Group and Zhejiang Geely Holding, manufactures electric vehicles of two modifications, the first of which was the Polestar 1 hybrid coupe, the production of which began back in 2017. The Polestar 3 electric sedan will soon join the Polestar 2 sedan.

Source: Polestar