China introduced an unmanned helicopter armed with missiles (3 photos)

Unmanned aerial vehicles master everythingmore civilian and military specialties. Chinese engineers decided to involve drones in police functions to track drug trafficking in hard-to-reach areas. The AV500W helicopter is armed with several laser-guided missiles and a machine gun that can hit lightly armored targets.

The developers have declared high maneuverabilitystrike UAV, which will control and patrol the extended terrain. The AV500W can also be used for reconnaissance and search missions, for which a special modification is issued (the letter W is not in the marking). Such helicopters are equipped with additional cameras, sensors for object recognition and tracking.

Combat helicopter can conduct autonomousflight up to 4 hours (reconnaissance modification up to 8 hours). The maximum flight altitude is 4 km and the payload is up to 160 kg. The take-off weight of the AV500W is about 470 kg, and the length is 7 meters. The speed of an unmanned helicopter is up to 170 km / h. The shock UAV is armed with 4 ground-to-air missiles with a radar guidance system or guided laser-guided bombs. Missiles hit targets within a 5 km radius.