China has created a "smart" shelter for homeless cats

The largest Chinese search engine Baidu has developedAn innovative mobile cat shelter that works on the basis of artificial intelligence. The system is able to recognize animals in the face when the cat approaches the shelter. Inside, the animal is waiting for warmth, fresh food, water and even some kinds of entertainment. The idea of ​​such a shelter came to one of the employees of the company Baidu Van Xi, after last winter he found in his car a cat that was hiding from the cold.

Baidu itself is based in Beijing. In winter, the street temperature here can drop to minus 9 degrees Celsius. According to available statistics, only 40 percent of local stray cats survive outside in the winter. Because of this, the company decided to apply their achievements in the field of artificial intelligence to save the four-legged.

Now artificial intelligence can recognize174 species of cats. The animal is identified by a camera installed in front of the cat's shelter, which is also equipped with a night vision system so that animals can enter a warm room with food and water even at night. In addition to identifying the muzzle, the “smart” system is able to check the animal for the presence of the most common feline diseases, including stomatitis and skin diseases. In addition, a special tag on the ear system is able to determine whether the animal was neutered.

Having identified a sick or uncastrated animal,The system automatically communicates via a mobile application with the nearest group of volunteers who care for stray animals so that they can provide the necessary care and assistance to the four-legged. In an online blog, Baidu reports that, as a rule, stray cats are not neutered, which ultimately leads only to an increase in their number on the streets and, in general, their survival decreases even more.

As soon as the cat enters the room, the door to it automatically closes, preventing stray dogs from entering it, even if they are the size of a cat.

As it turned out, one of the most difficult tasks inimplementation of the system of recognition of animal faces was how to make the animal look into the camera. In the case of a cat's shelter from Baidu, the shelter is equipped with a fairly compact entrance, so the cat, passing by it, will still send its face to the camera.

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