China has built a maglev train, which has a speed of 600 km / h (9 photos)

Chinese engineers continue to work wonderstechnical progress, of which the world will immediately respond with the addition of the word "most." At this time, the prototype of a magnetic-cushioned train turned out to be such a novelty, and it is they who are being named the “fastest” in the world.

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Declared maximum speed "bullet" - 600 km / h. And if by plane from Beijing to Shanghai now can be reached in 4.5 hours, on a high-speed train already familiar - 5.5 hours, then the movement time between these points on the new maglev will take 3.5 hours.

Driver's cab
Chinese trains are engaged in the development of the train.state company China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC). The production of commercial samples of the magnetic train is expected in 2021.

However, we can not say that the Chinese train -The first maglev, the speed of movement of which is the highest in the world. In 2015, a record of 603 km / h was set in Japan, but this happened on a test segment, and the Japanese plan to release the Chuo Shinkansen train, which will be limited to 505 km / h. The launch of the line is scheduled only for 2027.