China announced plans to build a lunar base

On the wave of successful fulfillment of the current missionof the spacecraft Chang'e-4 on the far side of the moon The Chinese National Space Administration announced further plans for the exploration and development of the natural satellite of the Earth. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the Celestial Empire plans to conduct three more Chang'e missions, and in a more distant future, to begin preparations for the construction of a lunar base.

According to the deputy chief project manageron the development of the moon of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), the Chang'e-5 mission, in which it is planned to send a space probe to the moon, will be launched by the end of this year. The task of the spacecraft will be to collect samples of lunar soil and return these samples back to Earth.

China will build a base on the moon

In the framework of the mission "Chang'e-4" was carried outThe world's first soft landing on the surface of the far side of the moon and this success marked the beginning of the fourth stage of the program for the study of the satellite of the Earth, the report said.

"Experts are still discussing the feasibilityNew projects, however, we can already confirm that three additional space missions are planned after the launch of Chang'e-5, said Deputy Chief Project Manager for the Moon Exploration U Wanhua on Monday.

Wu said that the main task of the “Chang'e-6” mission will be to send a spacecraft to the south pole of the moon and conduct a sample of the soil.

"Will in this case the landing be carried out onnear or far side of the moon - we will determine after the progress of the mission "Chang'e-5", - added the deputy chief project manager for the exploration of the moon.

The tasks of the “Chang'e-7” mission will be toscientific research around the lunar south pole. Scientists want to study the various geological features of this region, the physical composition of the soil and, in general, to assess the surrounding space environment of this area.

In addition to research and experimentationDuring the space mission Chang'e-8, China wants to test key technologies that will lay the foundation for building a research base on the moon.

The message also indicates that similarnot only China, but also the United States, Russia and some other European countries want to test the technologies that will be needed to build a lunar base.

One of the issues of interest, explained Y, is the possibility of building buildings and structures on the surface of the moon using lunar soil and 3D printing technology.

“We hope that the [mission] Chang'e-7 will helpto test some technologies, and also will allow to consider the issue of building a lunar base through joint cooperation with several countries, ”the official representative of CNSA added.

At the end of the conference, Wu Yanhua added that China is going to start exploring Mars. The first dispatch of the probe to the Red Planet will take place somewhere in 2020.

"Our first research mission on Marswill start around 2020. We are ready to join forces with the international community to contribute to the development of the global aerospace industry on a mutually beneficial and tolerant basis, in order to form humanity with a single destiny, the progress of civilization and society. ”

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