Cheap protective film for Samsung Galaxy S10 allows you to crack it

Information privacy protectionsociety cannot be cheap. Using inexpensive accessories can weaken the most reliable and seemingly flawless security system created by highly qualified engineers. This truth was once again confirmed by the experience of using a cheap protective film on the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10.

The ultrasound fingerprint scanner built into the Galaxy S10 smartphones turned out to be demanding on the quality of the protective coating, as developers have repeatedly warned.

Meanwhile, the desire to save is inherent evenusers of rather expensive top-end Galaxy S10 models. According to one user, he purchased on eBay cheaper than the original, “gel protective film” for only $ 3. As a result, now the smartphone of a “lean" user can be unlocked with the fingerprint of any person.

The incident statement was sent to Samsung, where an investigation is being conducted into this fact. However, preliminary engineers said that the most likely problem is the low quality of the protective film.