CGBox Portable Wireless Speakers

Portable Wireless Acoustics - Moderndevice, the numerous advantages of which have already been appreciated by music lovers, sportsmen and all who wish to enjoy high-quality sound in any place and at any time. Using such a device is very simple: it connects to the storage medium (laptop, smartphone), after which you can immediately evaluate all its capabilities. It should be noted that there are a lot of opportunities for high-quality speakers produced by well-known companies, and you should definitely get to know them.

One of the most accessible and most popularThe device is a wireless speaker from Russian manufacturer Case Guru. It will appeal to those who prefer to invest in reliable and practical things that can serve for many years. Another “plus” - the CGBox column has a stylish, attractive appearance and very compact dimensions. It will easily fit in even the smallest bag or backpack, which means you can always take high-quality sound with you.

Note the main characteristics of a portable speaker CGBox.

  • Reliable protection against water IPx6;
  • working range of 10 meters;
  • play up to 4 at maximum volume;
  • signal to noise ratio of 70 dB;
  • power 2 * 5 W;
  • frequency response 150 - 15 kHz;
  • Supports A2DP and AVRCP.

More can be found on the manufacturer's website,available at any time, here in the appropriate section there is all the information about guarantees, delivery and payment. In Russia, one of the best Bluetooth speakers is delivered as soon as possible by courier or through pickup points. When ordering on the website, specify any wishes regarding the delivery, they will be taken into account.

We also list the additional features of the device:

  • Hands-free mode;
  • Radio mode;
  • Music playback mode via USB;
  • Connection via AUX output;
  • With 2 speakers TWS True Wireless Stereo.

The package includes the bluetooth itself.speaker, user manual, aux cable and charging cable. Using a wireless speaker is intuitive, you quickly and easily figure it out. Happy owners of this device note the excellent sound quality, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music, to catch its new shades.

Wireless speakers, as statistics show,do not lose their relevance. On the contrary, their sales in hardware stores and online stores are increasing rapidly. The times when we listened to music with headphones or through the speaker of a smartphone are gradually fading. A portable radio speaker is a much more optimal solution that you can take with you on nature, on a journey, to a country house or to the gym.

As you can see in the current marketpresented and devices from obscure Chinese manufacturers. They may have an attractive design, however, in their capabilities and characteristics are significantly inferior to what their leading manufacturers, including the Russian company Case Guru, can offer. The surest decision is to immediately invest in a high-quality, reliable, multi-functional thing, which definitely will not cause any problems. Even under the influence of external adverse factors, for example, if water enters the device of the specified manufacturer, full performance will be maintained, urgent repairs will not be required. The column is reliably protected, will last for a very long time, and during this time all investments in it will have time to pay off. CGBox is a very useful accessory that is not inferior to some home music systems in terms of sound quality and level.