CES 2020: OnePlus Concept One - out of sight

Finally, in the design of smartphones presentedsomething really new. It’s not good news how many times a bent screen has already been chewed, not another round of building up gigahertz and megapixels, not a new shape of a hole for a selfie camera. A disappearing camera on the back.

We figured out how to get out of sight the disgusting view of the rear panel of the lens eyes at OnePlus. The smartphone was shown, however, only in the form of a concept, calling simply - Concept One.

Essentially OnePlus Concept One - OnePlus 7T ProMcLaren Edition, only with a slightly primed side panel. There nothing turns and does not close with a curtain, and indeed does not move. Just glass that completely covers the camera block can change transparency. When the cameras are inactive, it turns black, and the eye pleases with the undisturbed elegance of the design of the rear panel trimmed with orange leather. A camera was needed - electrochromic glass instantly becomes completely transparent. At the same time, the glass acts as a polarizing filter for the camera.

It is assured that the glass is no less durable,than what is on the screen, and changing the transparency does not shorten the device’s operating time without recharging. The only strange thing is that OnePlus speaks of the device as a concept - it looks as if the device could have been released for sale at least tomorrow. However, there was no indicative price or approximate release date.

OnePlus Concept One Alive (English)


Tatyana Kobelskaya