CES 2020: Hisense Color - a prototype smartphone with a color E-Ink

On account of the Chinese company Hisense already hasseveral experiments on the release of smartphones with an E-Ink screen. Not all of them left the prototype stage, and not the fact that Hisense Color presented at CES 2020 will come out of it, but this does not make it less interesting. Hisense Color is the only smartphone with a color screen E-Ink at the moment.

E-Ink screens have two undeniable advantages: they consume less energy than traditional solutions, and significantly less strain on vision. For the sake of such advantages, it is worth trying to defeat no less significant disadvantages - monochrome and low update speed. Monochrome is defeated - color (albeit not as colorful as some AMOLED) E-Ink exist, and Hisense Color is equipped with just that. The trouble is that in this case we had to give up our positions on the second, much more critical issue - color screens on electronic ink are updated more slowly than monochrome.

That is, there is still work to do.

Deadlines for entering the market for Hisense Color were not announced.


Tatyana Kobelskaya

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