CES 2020: E-Ink smartphone from Onyx reader

Onyx, widely known among narrow circles of e-reader readers, introduced at CES-2020 another gadget with an E-Ink screen. But not a reader. And not a tablet. Smartphone.

This is the second smartphone with a screen basedelectronic ink developed by the company, but the first of the concept stage did not come out. While this one is also located in it, he doesn’t even have a name, they call Onyx E-Ink smartphone. Screen 5.8 ″, the resolution is not specified. There is some kind of camera (the prototype is not working). There is a fingerprint scanner - standard, on the rear panel. At the moment, the device is running Android 9.0 with a certain interface sharpened by the specifics of the screen. Here, in particular, there are four options for updating the screen. Depending on how the device is used, you can choose the best one (the most complete for reading a book, the fastest for browsing). It is unclear, however, why not teach the smartphone to stand up for a specific task yourself?

The filling is not described for the simple reason that this is not a resolved issue - the company is testing different options. For the same reason, there is no price or date of entry into the market.

But mom swear that they will withdraw.

Onyx E-Ink smartphone at CES-2020 (English)

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Tatyana Kobelskaya