Cells use "slingshots" for their own acceleration

We are not even aware that even in a stillthe state of our bodies many cells are constantly in motion. There are many types of cell migration, but researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered another, which is very surprising and very different from all the others. It turned out that some cells use tissue fibers as a “slingshot” - they pull them, and rush in a certain direction at an increased speed. To discover a new type of cell behavior was possible thanks to the experiment.

To fix the accelerated movement of cells,scientists have designed a 3D structure that mimics the connective tissue of the human body. Engineer William Wang shared that they were surprised at how quickly certain cells move. It turned out that they create tension in the fibers in order to move to the right place on this energy much faster than usual.

We have found that cells can move in a completely unexpected way, during which migration occurs much faster than usual.

Brandon Baker, one of the authors of the study

The researchers concluded that in this waythe body can move healthy cells to where they are most needed. On the other hand, the detected migration method can accelerate the spread of cancer cells. Fortunately, this discovery will help scientists develop new methods of treating dangerous diseases. For example, they can accelerate the movement of cells for rapid healing of wounds, or slow down the process to stop the development of cancer.

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