Cellebris can crack any iPhone

In its promotional release, an Israeli companyCellebrite declares that it is within its power to hack any smartphone running Android, as well as iOS 5 and newer operating systems. This information has been confirmed by an unnamed source from US law enforcement. By the way, the press has already mentioned that Cellebrite is actively working with law enforcement officers from North America.

The ability of the company's specialists to crack anyAndroid smartphone and absolutely any device running on iOS 5 and all newer operating systems, up to iOS 11, is officially confirmed by a message on the Cellebrite website.

According to insider information from law enforcementUS authorities, the company already used the services of the company in the fall of 2017. Experts from Israel "processed" the smartphone Apple iPhone X Abdulmajid Saidi (Abdulmajid Saidi), suspected of smuggling weapons. Some media have argued that Cellebrite’s ties with the security services began even earlier. According to unconfirmed information, it was the Israelis who helped the FBI penetrate the iPhone 5C smartphone, owned by the criminals who committed the terrorist attack in San Bernandino in December 2015.

The cost of hacking one device is$ 1500. The process of penetration takes place in the laboratories of the company. Cellebrite does not disclose the methodology and tools necessary for hacking smartphones. This is done to ensure that high-tech companies, such as Apple, are not able to examine the gaps in the protection of their devices and eliminate them.

Some online publications expressthe assumption that the hacking version of iOS 11.1.2 can be carried out by Cellebrite using a vulnerability previously found by an expert from Google. Thus, there is a possibility that hacking the latest versions of iOS is beyond the power of Israeli specialists.

Source: Forbes