Celera 500L aircraft with a "bullet" fuselage passes flight tests

Very rarely occur in aircraft constructionrevolutionary transformations that radically change the general parameters of the fuselage, wings or engines. Traditional passenger liners with a large wingspan and a thickened cigar-shaped body have not changed the exterior design for almost a century. However, the American company Otto Aviation created an airplane with unusual proportions more appropriate to a cruise missile, with a fuselage resembling a bullet and an engine unusual in aircraft construction.

The development of the Celera 500L is carried out withobservance of increased privacy. Along with the unusual shape of the hull, the aircraft is equipped with a thrust propeller engine located at the rear. According to journalists, the Celera 500L was spotted during a flight test in Victorville, California. It can be assumed that in the near future an unusual-shaped aircraft will enter the market.

Insiders previously reported that the Celera 500L will becomeall-weather aircraft capable of speeds up to 820 km / h and climb to a maximum height of 19.8 km. It was also reported about the unique energy intensity of aircraft engines, 10 times more economical than the engines used on modern aircraft. For every 48-68 km of flight, fuel consumption will be only 10 liters. No other technical parameters are yet known.

Source: thedrive