Celebrate the creepy holiday with Papa John's

Halloween is approaching and restaurants and cafes are closed forvisits. You can also have fun at home by inviting friends and stocking up on pumpkin-shaped pizza, which is the prototype of vampires and evil spirits. And at the same time play and watch a cool movie.

A pizza codenamed "Jack Lantern" can be to order throughout Russia from 26 to 31 October. The cost may differ depending on the city.

But before making your choice, watch this video. Are you ready for this turn of events?

Garlic sauce is the main weapon capable of destroying Jack

Crush the monster in augmented reality instagram and get the opportunity to win one of 20 certificates for any free Papa John's 40 centimeters pizza.

What do we have to do:

one. Order pizza
2. Eat it to gain strength.
3. There is a poster on the box, put it on the table.
4. Sit in front of the poster and point the Instagram AR filter over the QR code.
5. Defeat the villain with garlic sauce!
6. Record a video of the battle and share your victory over Jack on social networks with the hashtag #jackverned.

The deadline for the competition is October 31!