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Cayin YB04 headphone review - reinforcement king

Cayin Hi-End Audio Loversneeds to be introduced. In 2018, 25 years passed since this manufacturer was on the market, and apparently, it inspired the creators who began to produce top-end devices one by one. For example, the flagship player Cayin N8, which saw the light at the beginning of last year. And at the end of the year, Cayin also decided to please its fans, and just lovers of high-quality sound, releasing the first in-ear reinforcement headphones yb04 in its history.

There are a lot of reinforcing headphones, but these are special

Of course, we could not get past thisevents, because when a brand with significant authority in the market releases something fundamentally new for itself, it is a chance to see innovation in the entire industry. Expectations were fully justified: in the yb04 headphones, Cayin used a unique combination of balanced armature drivers - two from Knowles for high frequencies and two from Sonion for low. Even in order to approve the final form of the body, Cayin staged a survey among tens of thousands of users. As expected, such headphones could not fail to turn out cool.


  • 1 Package Contents
  • 2 Specifications
  • 3 Design and fit
  • 4 Sound
  • 5 What to listen to?
  • 6 Headphones are not for everyone

Contents of delivery

Premium headphones can immediately be distinguished from ordinary ones by packaging. In the case of the Cayin YB04, this is a black box hiding under a paper convict with a photo and an indication of all the specifications.

Already from the photo you can understand what kind of headphones are in front of us

Sensations after opening the black box cancompare with those experienced by Vincent Vega, opening for the first time a suitcase from the movie “Pulp Fiction”. This approach to the configuration is really worthy of respect and special attention: on the one hand the headphones themselves are neatly laid, on the other - they placed all the accessories.

Aesthetics, of course, on top. Few people pay so much attention to picking

Comes with a hard leather case forstorage, a large selection of ear pads, a clip for attaching the cable to clothes and a brush for cleaning - these headphones you hardly come in to leave dirty. The cable here is 8-core, hybrid.

Case looks like a small suitcase

All necessary accessories are inside

By a large selection of ear pads, we meanreally GREAT choice. For understanding - there are separately nozzles for bass compositions, vocal and so on. That is, the manufacturer is so confused that he did everything for comfortable listening to any music.

There are foam ear pads, and "Christmas trees" - for every taste


  • Emitters: 4 with balanced anchor
  • Sensitivity: 113 dB / mW
  • Impedance: 30Ω
  • Frequency range: 18 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Plug: 3.5 mm
  • Cable: 1.2 m, twisted Y-shaped

Design and fit

With the help of an army of loyal fans of Cayinmanaged to get close to ideal headphone form factor so that the user can comfortably listen to music for a long time. The YB04 case is cast from aluminum, which reduced the influence of the drivers on each other and reduced resonance. And due to the fact that the aluminum sound guide with a protective filter is located at an angle, maximum isolation from external noise is achieved when compared with other headphones with passive sound insulation.

The body is made of solid aluminum

Headphones seem large, but they don’t feel like

As for landing, do not fit these headphonesperhaps, only to the owners of the smallest auricles. Weight is evenly distributed over the outer part of the auricle, and comfort and sound insulation cannot be compared with anything - maybe only with Campfire Audio headphones. But the latter are more expensive. A behind-the-ear landing is now considered one of the most convenient: it’s both comfortable to run and a snug fit while listening.

The sound guide with a protective filter is inclined

Ear pads and cable can be easily replaced

Headphones are assembled very high quality and, iftake into account the replaceable cable, they will definitely last as long as possible. The cable, by the way, is twisted (and very hard), does not harden in the cold, does not mix up into an incomprehensible “something”, eliminates the microphone effect, including using a clip on clothes in the kit.

The cable is replaceable and very reliable.


Earphones were warmed up for 48 hours before listening.

Starting a conversation about sound, first of allI would like to note the ability to tune the sound using the complete ear pads. First of all, they are necessary for “fitting” a particular listener under the auricle: the denser the fit in the ear canal, the better the headphones transmit low frequencies and make the sound more voluminous.

Ear pads for low frequencies add a little bassthis tuning will be very useful when listening to tracks in the hip-hop genre. Mid frequencies are a little lost against the background of pronounced lower ones, so a similar sound color is better to use for some genres.

With vocal tips, the sound first seemstoo sharp, you can trace the sibilants at high frequencies. It takes some time to get used to, but then you don’t perceive vocal compositions or electronic music without tuning, you constantly want to add volumetric sound.

Headphones are genre-versatile but sensitive to sound source

It seems that the developers have done a seriouswork to get a new sound. The low frequencies are slightly reduced, but the bass is very deep. Middle frequencies are detailed and warm, which positively affected the impressions of listening to vocal compositions. Instruments fully retain their character, they are well separated and easily positioned by ear. High frequencies are crystal clear and voluminous, but without sharpness.

What to listen to?

To unleash the full potential of theseheadphones, it is better to use a quality player and Lossless-formats. For example, Cayin N6 MK2. Connecting them to smartphones and tablets, as it turned out, makes no sense: headphones are very sensitive to recording quality, so it's better to get a good portable audio player. At the same time, they are genre universal.

These headphones are just made for the Cayin N6 MK2

The tracks of Canadianpop artist The Weeknd, who are full of bass, Benjamin Clementine songs, strong vocals, and a couple of Rise Against hits. With these headphones, familiar tracks played in a completely different way.

Headphones are not for everyone

Of course, not everyone is ready to lay out 38 thousand rublesfor in-ear headphones, but connoisseurs of quality sound will immediately understand what more could be given for such a device. yb04 is distinguished by a good design and a rich delivery set, they also stand out by their perfectly tuned sound. It can not but rejoice that Cayin continues to offer different options for good sound with excellent quality.