Caution! Telephone fraudsters own confidential data of bank customers (3 photos)

A new look is gaining popularity in Russiatelephone fraud, in which too gullible people lose their money. In many ways, the success of criminals due to the habit of people carefree and frivolous to communicate with outsiders. Criminals, meanwhile, are not only well prepared from the technical and financial side, but also actively use psychological methods of influencing a person.

Interestingly, more and more recentlycrimes are recorded when citizens themselves provide information to fraudsters that provide access to their bank accounts. Modern fraudsters are seriously preparing for a crime by acquiring on the Internet data on the latest banking operations of clients, balances on their accounts, personal data, including passport data. It is quite natural that citizens do not suspect that such information may be known to anyone else outside the bank. As confidential information holders of bank cards fall on the web, operatives still can not figure out. In part, some of these data fraudsters lecture themselves, calling to financial institutions and posing as their clients.

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The decisive fact is the coincidence of the number, withwho is calling the offender with the bank number. Such a substitution is carried out by using simple software. At the same time, the laws of the Russian Federation prohibit operators from skipping such calls, however, there is no real responsibility for fraud in regulatory acts. Meanwhile, the operators themselves are concerned about the huge number of scams that have appeared. Specialists have developed some effective countermeasures to counteract telephone thieves. However, their implementation requires time, consistency on the part of all parties (operators, banks, regulators) and capital investments.

The only effective way to combatThe most frequent telephone fraudsters are to immediately stop talking to any unknown callers, even if the telephone number is defined as the official bank number. Immediately after this, it is necessary to immediately call back to your bank by manually dialing the number of the financial institution (listed on the bank card), and find out whether these were really representatives of the financial structure.