Cats perceive owners as their parents

2019 can rightfully be called the year of cats. The fact is that this year, scientists have carefully looked at our four-legged friends. It is difficult to say whether the attention of specialists to cats is caused by their incredible popularity on the Internet or the fact that cats are recognized as an invasive species - this means that today there are so many that these animals pose a threat to healthy birds and rodents. However, the fact is that for a long time you and I greatly underestimated these amazing animals. So, data from a recent study say that cats become attached to humans like children.

Cats love their owners just like dogs

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Cats are adorable. At the same time, you won’t envy their reputation - many perceive cats as animals with a character who do not care about humans. Unfortunately, this stigmatization still exists. Many people confuse the sense of independence and individuality of cats with a negative or hostile attitude towards others. But today, scientists have proved that these pussies not only love us, but also consider us parents. This, of course, is hardly news for those who have been living with cats for a long time, but getting confirmation from scientists is always nice.

Harmonious relationship man and cats look like this

A study by scientists from OregonState University published on Current Biology. During the experiment, scientists found that the manifestation of cats' affection for their owners is very similar to that of dogs and infants. This means that cats are not the disinterested and apathetic creatures with which some paint them. Cats are amazing animals that can create unique and meaningful relationships with their owners.

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Cats are attached to “their man”

In the course of the study, scientists applied a test forattachment - we note that previously similar tests were used to study the behavior of dogs and primates - the researchers placed 70 kittens in the room next to their owners for two minutes, and then left the animals alone for another two minutes. Scientists observed the behavior of kittens and determined their style of behavior of people, babies and dogs: “safe”, “ambivalent”, “elusive” and “unorganized”.

Cats miss their owners if they are alone for a long time

The results of the study showed that more than 60%kittens showed a safe attachment style. This means that they were sad when the owner left the room, but showed a healthy balance between contact with the owner and environmental studies when he returned. Meanwhile, almost 30% of the kittens showed unsafe attachment, which means that they remained in tension even when the owner returned. Such kittens went on excessive contact with the owner or avoided contact, and also behaved disorganized.

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Researchers note that the resultssimilar to the behavior of young children whose behavior studies have been conducted in the past. Summing up, we can say that the social skills of dogs were thoroughly studied for a long time, perhaps this was one of the reasons why we underestimated cats. But now, thanks to the latest scientific research, it is safe to say that cats are not only smart, but also affectionate, human-loving animals.