Cars won't freeze: ice repellent material created

Surprisingly, because of the icy weather of the USA every yearloses millions of dollars: often it is she who causes airports to stop working and turn off electricity. Because of the ice, of course, the inhabitants of Russia are also suffering - there is hardly a person who did not freeze the car. It seems that soon one problem in the world will be less, as researchers from the University of Houston created a material from which ice can be shaken off with a single movement of the hand. Moreover, cars and airplanes covered with new material will be cleared of ice right on the move.

When creating a new material, scientists usedA new theory of physics, in which they only needed to specify the properties of the material - the principle itself prompted them what material they needed to synthesize. The new coating consists of silicone and polymers and practically does not cling to the ice. Researchers believe that the principle used can also help in the creation of other materials, for example, repulsive pathogenic bacteria.

We have developed a new physical concept andappropriate material for ice, which exhibits extremely low adhesion to ice with prolonged mechanical, chemical and environmental resistance.

Study leader Hadi Ghasemi admittedthat they had previously tried to create a similar material, but all the earlier options could not completely solve the problem of ice sticking to the surface. The new material repels frozen water, forming cracks at the contact point. It is believed that the ice can depart from the surface even under the influence of the wind, that is, the aircraft will be almost completely protected from freezing.

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The material can be applied to any surface. It is noteworthy that it is not exposed to ultraviolet rays, which is very important for cars, airplanes and other equipment, because they are often located in the sun. The validity period is 10 years, which is also a very impressive result.

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