Carry lithium-ion batteries in passenger aircraft luggage is no longer possible in the US

US Federal Civil OfficeAviation has corrected the list of items that are prohibited to carry on passenger flights. So, with luggage now you can not take lithium-ion batteries. True, their devices can still be taken to the salon.

Transport lithium-ion batteries in the luggagecompartment is now allowed only on cargo flights. However, the changes touched this moment. Battery charging should not exceed 30 percent. So the risk of their ignition should be reduced. The fact is that such incidents on board the aircraft are fraught with very serious consequences.

If the battery is ignited in the cabin,passengers or flight attendants will be able to quickly detect the source of fire. In addition, the cabin is equipped with fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishing systems are also available in baggage compartments. However, as practice shows, they are not as effective.

It is likely that a change in requirements may delay the supply of batteries. People will be forced to expect cargo liners. Until now, the same battery could go and passenger flights.