Cardio bracelet Honor Band 5 went on sale

The Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet, announced a week ago, went on sale.

Honor Band 5 has two main chips: availability of an oxygen level sensor in the blood and a version with NFC support. Also, the bracelet has a heart rate sensor, whose readings are taken into account by the sleep monitoring function, which makes it possible to recognize some problems with sleep. A classic set of fitness opportunities is provided - 10 different types of workouts are recognized. Finally, Honor Band 5 will help you find a smartphone, if it has gotten lost somewhere.

Protection against water allows the Honor Band 5 to experience dives to a depth of 50 meters without harm to themselves.

The bracelet is equipped with a 0.95-inch AMOLED screen. The strap is removable, it can be replaced if the color is tired. The charge of the built-in battery is enough for two weeks of work.

Regular price tag Honor Band 5 in the Chinese market -189 yuan (1,740 rubles) for the regular version and 219 yuan (2,000 rubles) for the NFC-enabled version. At the moment, the younger model is available outside the Chinese market - on Ali, it can be purchased for as low as $ 27 (1,765 rubles).

Tatyana Kobelskaya