Car thieves learned how to steal cars using Nokia 3310 (2 videos)

Last year there was news about the theftcars with modified speakers, but attackers have since become more inventive. Now they only need a converted Nokia 3310 or other old phone to take control of the vehicle in a matter of seconds.

The mobile phone is more compact and much lessconspicuous than a wireless speaker. It is reported that these devices can be keyless start cars Toyota, Lexus, Land Cruiser and Maserati. It is possible that this is an incomplete list. On specialized sites and in Telegram channels, such miracle gadgets are offered at prices ranging from 2,500 to 18,000 euros. It's funny that the cost of components for modifying the phone does not exceed $10. Sometimes they are called "mechanic emergency start devices", but everyone understands everything. Some manufacturers of such devices even offer updates to keep them up-to-date when patches are released by automakers.

Inside such a phone is a smallmotherboard, some other equipment and special software for connecting to the car's CAN bus - a digital communication system for controlling the vehicle's electrical devices. The video shows how a person unsuccessfully tries to start a Toyota car without a "native" key, after which he connects a Nokia phone to it via USB and waits for a message to appear on his screen about the success of the operation. After that, the car starts without problems.

According to experts, simple fixesvulnerabilities are not able to solve this problem, because attackers simply update their software. Instead, more drastic measures are needed, such as the introduction of cryptographic protection for data exchange on the CAN bus.