Car refrigerator - new from Xiaomi in collaboration with Indel B

Cars in the lives of many people do not becomejust a necessary means of transportation, but often also a habitat, if long journeys and trips are made in it. Therefore, many models of machines are already equipped with built-in refrigerators when leaving the factory.

If your car does not have thisa special refrigerator, and there was a need for it, you can use a portable device. Xiaomi introduced the Indel Car mobile model developed by the Italian company Indel B. The compact product has an impressive capacity of 12 liters and a minimum freezer temperature of 18 °.

Indel B is one of the leading automotive refrigerator brands. Volvo, Iveco, Fav, Scania, Renault collaborate with him.
Some technical characteristics of the model released under the Xiaomi brand are already known:

• has a built-in inverter with a capacity of 45 W;
• connects to a standard 12-volt car port;
• current consumption - at a level of 3.75 A;
• the lid of the refrigerator opens 90 °, which allows you to easily get the necessary products;
• the power button and temperature adjustment keys are also convenient to use: they are located on the side panel;
• A miniature LCD display will inform you of the current temperature at any time.

Indel B Car Refrigerator is programmed to operate in two modes:
1. Max - with the car engine running.
2. Eco - when the engine is turned off or when the gadget is connected directly to the battery.

The cost of the Indel B refrigerator is estimated at $ 280. The manufacturer has not yet announced the timing of the model’s release to the market.

Source: gizmochina