Car hacker hackers got access to Tesla Model S systems

Researchers at Keen Security Lab, Divisionsecurity of the Chinese Internet giant Tencent, demonstrated the remote hacking of the car Tesla Model S. Tesla Motors specialists have already eliminated the vulnerability by releasing a security update for cars. Keen Security Lab worked with Tesla to identify software flaws, so the results of research and hacking were posted to the Network after they reported the loopholes to the car manufacturer and waited for an update covering the discovered loopholes for hackers.

Vulnerability worked through onboard nodecomputer that monitored and controlled many car systems. To obtain unauthorized access to programs and systems of the Tesla Model S, it was necessary to force it to connect to the Wi-Fi attackers. Worked malicious exploit through the car's web browser.

Yes, just hack Model S did not work, butnevertheless, under a certain set of circumstances this became possible. Having gained access to the car systems, specialists from the Keen Security Lab intercepted monitoring of the door blocking system, car infotainment system, folded the side mirror, opened the trunk, started the seat actuators, turned on the parking lights and activated the brakes while the car was moving.

The press service of Tesla Motors reports thatThe vulnerability was blocked a few days after receiving a report from the Keen Security Lab. Tesla Motors specialists assessed the probability of hacking before the release of the patch as very low, now, according to experts, the hacker loophole is closed.

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The Keen Security Lab team highly appreciated the actions of Tesla Motors specialists, noting that other manufacturers usually need more time to release and debug updates.