Capcom Home Arcade - entertaining arcade machine for home (4 photos + video)

Those born in the 70s and 80s of the last centurywith great warmth in their hearts they recall large arcade machines located in amusement parks, clubs and other similar establishments. Nowadays, this technique is considered outdated and only in small private museums can they be found, as well as recall youth, spending iron rubles for a couple of games. The company Capcom seems to have decided to take advantage of the nostalgia of customers and released a stylized mini console Home Arcade.

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The novelty, however, does not have in its arsenalSoviet games. The range of games offered is limited to the developer’s library. These are 16 classic games, including Street Fighter II, MegaMan The Power Battle and other works by Capcom.

The mini console looks like an elongated oneIron box with two joysticks and control buttons on the left and the right. Thus, you can enjoy gaming together, staging a competition or passing a game together. In addition, the gadget has a wireless Wi-Fi module for competition with other players on the network, microUSB to power the device and HDMI to connect to a monitor or TV-panel.

The price of Capcom Home Arcade in Europe is € 230, excluding shipping charges. Whether the prefix appears in the Russian sale is unknown.