Canvas with a picture controlled through the application: a new word in interiors

Touching art is now possible almost literally. Now we can customize what we see in the picture.

“Thank you” for this we can say to Lumino,who created a canvas equipped with lighting technology. That is, when the lighting is off, the picture looks like a completely ordinary canvas, but as soon as you switch the brightness control settings, the picture begins to glow.

In order to create these paintings, the company used sophisticated printing technology. Thus, it seems that you have a screen in front of you, and not a canvas with a picture at all.

And yes, the images themselves are actually applied to the canvas, which are adjusted from the smartphone. The owner can then adjust the brightness.

So if you don't know how to diversifythe interior is one of the good options. However, for the time being, it is impossible to purchase the canvas in free sale, it is only available on Kickstarter. Although something suggests that the device will be a success in free sale.