Canon EOS C500 Mark II movie camera for 5.9K and 4K video

Recently, more and more becomeuse full-frame movie cameras, which were produced by specialized companies Kinefinity and Z cam. Now Canon is the first major manufacturer to introduce the Canon EOS C500 Mark II full-frame digital movie camera with a modular design.

The camera is equipped with exactly the same sensor as inEOS C700 FF, with the ability to record video in 5.9K and 4K resolution at 60 frames per second or in 2K resolution at 120 frames per second. The sensor is capable of covering a dynamic range of 15 exposure levels and has a 5-axis stabilization sensor. Data processing is performed by the DIGIC DV 7 processor, which operates in three modes: full frame, super 35mm (crop) and super 16mm (crop).

Users will be able to record in Cinema formatRAW Light and 4K 4: 2: 2 10-bit XF-AVC format. Auto Focus Dual Pixel CMOS AF supports face recognition technology. The EOS C500 Mark II modular camera is capable of supporting Canon Log 2 and 3, as well as custom LUT tables. The captured video can be saved on CFexpress memory cards for which two slots are provided.

Canon cameras first featuredusers to independently change the mount. When working, you can use EF lenses, or purchase additional modules with an EF-lock or PL mount system. There are 13 different modular accessories available, including a 4.3-inch LCD display, a GR-V1 holder, an electronic viewfinder, and an Ethernet network connection. It is possible to use EU-V1 and EU-V2 expansion modules.

The weight of the EOS C500 Mark II is 1.75 kg, and the geometric dimensions are 153 x 148 x 168 mm. The camera will go on sale in December 2019 at a price of $ 15,999.

Source: canonrumors