Canon announced sales in Russia of a compact smart camera IVY REC (3 photos)

For video enthusiasts, Canon has createdminiature camera IVY REC, which is now available to consumers in Russia. Small dimensions (110.5 x 45.2 x 18.5 mm) and low weight (90 grams) will always allow you to have on hand a high-tech device for video recording. The shockproof housing, moisture and dust protection, as well as the presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules greatly simplify the work with a compact camera, comparable in size to a car key fob.

From the specifications of the Canon IVY RECit should be noted resolution - 13MP, video recording in Full HD, 60 frames per second. A quick connection using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules allows you to stream recorded frames to the Internet.

Using the Canon Mini Cam app, userwill be able to transfer data to smartphones running both Android and iOS. The free application allows you to remotely shoot in Live View mode, as well as edit photos and video recordings.

Particular attention should be paid to housing protection.from moisture penetration, allowing underwater shooting in fresh water at a depth of 2 meters. In underwater mode, the camera can work up to half an hour. Impact resistance of the case will allow dropping it from a height of 2 meters without damaging the camera. In Russia, Canon IVY REC went on sale at a price of 10,999 rubles with color options: Dragon fruit (pink), Avocado (green), Stone (gray) and Riptide (blue).